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Shift Forward

El Camino Trail, Spain

September 17-27, 2021


Join us for an intentional journey to uncover, explore and translate insights into effectively navigating transition of any type.  This 10-day program takes place on the El Camino Trail in Spain.

Shift Forward

The challenge, history and beauty of the El Camino Trail make it ideal as an active illustration of what we have learned about change and transition. Based on what we have learned, let’s discover how our thinking and behavior can sometimes be helpful and sometimes not.  Individually, discover what transitions are you in the middle of today, and how we can prepare ourselves for any transition yet to come.  Learn how to shift your mindset forward and develop new choices for you to effectively navigate transition.

Shift Forward

El Camino Trail, Spain
September 17-27, 2021


  • Individual Plan:  Creating and implementing your own personal strategy to successfully move through transition the way you want to move through it – what works for you may not work for others and visa versa.

  • Change Resiliency and Adaptability:  Gaining awareness about what has worked for you in the past (and what hasn’t!) and translating those insights into ongoing actions/choices for change resiliency

  • Generative Results:  Recognizing all kinds of change and the ability to create positive impact with transition for you and others – key for leaders of organizations.


  • Anyone currently experiencing change and needing new ways to effectively navigate transition of this change. Examples of change needing transition:

    • Marriage/Divorce new job/role

    • Moving children changing schools

    • Change in income/budget health changes (proactive/reactive)

    • Retirement children (Having them, them leaving, etc.)

    • Death/Separation

  • Individuals who wish to proactively enable themselves with a new mindset for transition

  • Anyone “stuck” with a change or transition and needing new insights and actions to help move them forward

  • Individuals wanting to explore new ways to more effectively adapt and move through transition whenever it occurs (and it will occur!)


  • All travel arrangements as outlined in the brochure

  • Assistance from our travel partner Viaku including 24-hour emergency assistance

  • Focus on individual goals and results related to any change/transition–this is a completely individualized program in a group setting

  • Integrated group sessions built on a core of research and established frameworks to:

    • Establish daily focus where each day builds upon the last

    • Increase understanding of why change and transition need to be intentional and evolutionary using brain science

    • Share insights for further exploration and support (as much or as little as you desire)

  • Daily individual coaching sessions to help make further connections and progress toward desired results

  • Inspirational setting where fun, community, history and individual progress all combine



Shift Forward

El Camino Trail, Spain

September 17-27, 2021

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