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Our Story

The Disruptive Element started in 2014 when two female executives got together (over wine!) and wanted to change the world by raising self awareness, one person, one team, one organization at a time. We believe that a higher level of self-awareness is required to facilitate change.  Created and led by Laura and Paula, The Disruptive Element is for people serious about change.  We are about meeting people and organizations where they are at and helping them uncover what is helping them and what is getting in their way.  We are leaders, we are coaches, we are bold, and we are fun!  We wanted to create a company passionate about helping people and organizations get what they want.  


Laura Woodward


"It’s all about the experience. An experience without care, purpose, impact, reflection or attention to details is limiting your opportunity to fully experience life.”

After 20 years as a senior leader in Information Technology and Operations, Laura decided she needed to focus on what she loved most...the people.  She is passionate about making individuals, groups, teams and organizations the best they can possibly be.  Laura is committed to creating experiences for individuals that get them out of their comfort zone in a safe, creative environment with a unique development approach.  Laura is blessed with her wife of 13 years and two loving (but naughty) dogs.  She takes time to rejuvenate through traveling, photography, and cooking for friends at her cabin in Northwest Wisconsin.

Paula Winkler

(Contagious Ownership Officer)

“No one in your life will ever care about your development the way you do. Celebrate it. Own it. Tap into your head and your heart and be curious about you. Define your next step intentionally."

When Paula was growing up she asked her dad what he did for a living and he responded, "Princess, I am in the people business.” It was years before she understood he was a doctor.  Her father has since died but he is smiling as he watches her run her 'people business.'  With over 20 years experience as a CIO, COO, and senior leader in numerous industries, she discovered her passion for leadership, working with and developing people and looking at how organizations and teams deliver results...or not.  Paula just celebrated 18 years of marriage to her best friend and is a mother to six children and a grandmother to seven.


Bob owens
Passionate driver of value


Tia cameron barisoff
Relationship focused, High-energy leader


Jeb Bates
Powerful Results Instigator


Nancy Fisher
Strength Integrator

Why Choose Us?

As leaders and professional coaches, we’ve heard these questions over and over again:

  • I don’t understand my connection to the goals of the organization

  • How do I move my team forward?

  • Why don’t I get promoted?

  • Why can’t I get the results I want even with all this effort?

  • I have no idea what to do next

We are about helping you answer those questions while creating meaningful experiences.  We create opportunities for individuals, groups, teams, and organizations to grow and flourish.  We do this by:

Establishing New connections between thoughts and actions

Our integration of personal and professional development frameworks connect thoughts with actions

Unleashing potential

Translate new insights into visible and measurable results

Creating sustainable mindsets

Recognizing and utilizing the full spectrum of key capabilities to adapt to any situation


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