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Meet the recipient of our Fall 2022 Scholarship!

At first, Air Gustafson’s vision of owning and operating a “bark & brew” was just an idea and consisted of daydreaming. While building a career in corporate, she kept this dream on the back burner due to a lack of confidence and the fear of leaving her comfort zone. In 2020, she made it a reality.

Air is now the founder of Morty’s Bark & Brew, a business that combines craft beer and dogs in a fun way. “ I believe when you are at your best, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, your dog is at her best too naturally. Dogs and owners nurture each other’s emotional and physiological health, which in turn benefits the community and beyond.”

The beginning of her entrepreneurial journey was a slow-moving process. Air would describe it as “sweet, cold and slow like rocky road ice cream with molasses on top.” Recently, a local competitor opened its doors before her. She was crushed and knew she had to pull herself together and shift her mindset.

Air says: “ I am willing to gamble on my own experience and do what I can to propel myself & my business upwards. No matter how small it might seem. I shouldn’t let people define my success based on their timeline and definition. I want to sell my ideas without selling out. So, I aim for greater success.”

Through In Her Element, our women's development program, Air hopes to learn effective communication in personal and professional settings. She wants to communicate more effectively and make connections that can’t be misunderstood. “My goals are closing the gap where I am and where I’d really rather be, where I know I can be not only as a dog parent but also as a successful & trustworthy entrepreneur.”

She explains: “My reason for wanting to join IHE is that I want a strategic approach to fetching what I want this year and beyond, and having fun doing it. I no longer want to be the one who always must find the answer, I want others to do it with me. I want a community I can grow with. More importantly, I want to share my passion with enthusiasm and authenticity."

Paula Winkler, the co-founder at The Disruptive Element, says, “We are excited to announce Air as the latest recipient of our In HER Element Scholarship. Her dedication to creating meaningful relationships and communication to better others is inspirational. We know the In HER Element program will give her the confidence and skills to continue building her business.”


About In HER Element

In HER Element is a transformative leadership program that inspires women leaders to ignite and live their potential. Our unique program combines neuroscience and mindfulness with coaching and community to foster real change in all aspects of work and life.

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