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Millennials. Perennials. High-potential performers. Emerging women leaders. Our game-changing cohort programs are a powerful way to unleash individual capacity in a transformative and supportive group experience.



These engaging, immersive experiences give you new tools and practices for understanding yourself. For identifying what’s important to you. For learning how to prioritize your well-being and create more of what you want in your career and life. Watch your confidence grow as you reconnect to your gifts, share your truths and discover the power of belonging in a community, personally and at work. The outcome is a life-changing experience that is a catalyst for growth, change and positive momentum.

A combination of one-on-one coaching, brain science (neuroscience), mindfulness and community, this program is designed intentionally as an 8-month cohort program.  In Her Element allows for a maturation of personal insight coupled with an expansion of your skill set to capitalize on your capabilities.

In Her Element

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Focusing our attention on what truly matters is hard–otherwise we would do it more often.  Sometimes we need to get away in order to get closer to what we truly desire, which is why we created experiential coaching programs held in some of the most beautiful places around the world. 

Stay tuned for 2023 dates!
Stout’s Island Lodge, WI

Destination Element
Accelerating Focus

Through this this 3.5 day personal journey, walk away with a meaningful and actionable personal business plan.  This experience is perfect for anyone looking to make an investment in themselves to produce individual and sustainable desired results.

Interactive Speaking/Group Sessions

Progressive companies are driving extraordinary performance through practical, 90-minute interactive sessions that play equally well across groups with diverse backgrounds and focus.

September 17-24, 2023
Tepoztlán, Mexico

Destination Element

Senior female leaders – Join us for an 8-day exclusive program at La Villa Bonita in Tepoztlán, Mexico. La Villa Bonita is a culinary destination in which all aspects of food and food preparation will be integrated into the program

Key Elements:

  • Each session runs 1.5-hours. Can be expanded for a more robust group session if desired.

  • Sessions will be interactive, engaging, and relevant

  • Participants walk away tools and practical application of new methods to help them realize and move through change more effectively within themselves and their organization.

  • Lead by executive coaches with practical business leadership backgrounds.

  • Provide a space for further connection / community.