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Whether you’re struggling with persistent issues or ready to go from good to great, it pays to strategically invest in your talent. Let The Disruptive Element help you see — and act on — the best next step.



Are your change efforts supporting — or thwarting — the outcomes you seek? Our team brings expertise and mountain-moving mastery to complex Organization Development (OD) assignments.


This statistic is alarming—and keeps rising! Why? Because our brains are designed to resist change. Yet our business requires it. At TDE we work with and around the brain to make sustainable change.


Nearly half of employees report that there is too much ambiguity in their work environment. This correlates to ineffective decision-making, more emotional reactions, and a lack of awareness of learning and leading styles. We bring clarity.


will turn over in the next 15 years. That number is staggering - and on top of that companies continue to reorg, leading to constant change.  While org changes can help, they are not the silver bullet. The Disruptive Element brings forward actions that will make a true organizational impact.

of change efforts fail

more certainty

of the S&P 500

What we do

Actually, here is what we DON’T do: We don’t do large-scale surveys and data analysis to put into massive PowerPoints. While they look impressive and do help turn change into a data formula, we know from our experience (and success) that you can’t boil the ocean when it comes to change. We use proven frameworks to quickly assess the main patterns in your team and organization that help or hinder behaviors that ultimately drive undesired performance and culture. We then help you translate those patterns into real, concrete, digestible action plans that begin to help your organization move to new, more productive behaviors based on the strategies you set.

What change sounds like

“TDE came in and translated chaos into a clear vision that was hopeful and obtainable for my entire organization.  In fact, their impact of bringing in their own executive experience combined with coaching and solid change practices allowed results to be seen across the company.  There is no way I would have be able to move the organization where it needed to be moved without them by my side.”


Executive Leader, AIM Specialty Health



Even born leaders can use help taking their influence and impact to the next level.  Our master coaches bring been-there-done-that perspective to ensure meaningful shifts.



Coaching paired with learning or training increases productivity and sustainability by  60%

Coaching Improves

Self-confidence by

Communication skills by


Work-life balance by


Overall performance by


This is what is spent on leadership and development programs, yet companies and the people within them still struggle.  The time is now to invest in coaching at all levels to raise the bar in new more effective ways at a fraction of the cost.

What we do

We’re on a mission to change the perception that coaching is only for “performance problems.” Take a look at professional athletes; they are surrounded by coaches who serve as their support, guide, advisor, cheerleader and mentor. Coaches are the people who help them uncover their potential and get to the top of their game! If we want to play to win in business, we deserve the same level of counsel and support. At The Disruptive Element, we bring our wealth of experience and brain-based coaching practices to help individuals (individually or in group settings) find the answers within them for greater impact and sustainability. Why leave untapped potential to chance?

What change sounds like

“This program was very different. It was a combination of raising awareness and of what drives us. It gave us time to work on ourselves in a way that built a team. It has been the best investment I have ever made in my team”


Global Executive, Ameriprise Financial



Millennials. Perennials. Emerging women leaders. Our game-changing cohort programs are a powerful way to unleash individual capacity in a transformative and supportive group experience.

What we do

Too often ordinary “learning and development” programs fall short or fall flat. We’ve learned from experience how to create game-changing offerings that are meaningful to individuals AND impactful for the company. Let’s face it, so much of human behavior is auto-pilot and unconscious. We disrupt those patterns by taking people out of their environment and ruts, and into a new space where they can rediscover their elemental self and find their courageous edge. Our programs take advantage of amazing places and integrate practical, real-life scenarios to learn, connect and apply at an individual level. Participants feel like the program is designed just for them while experiencing the benefits of true community.

What change sounds like

“The In Her Element program was life changing for me both personally and professionally. Coaching was a big help. I found the courage to change how I show up – developed the ability to be intentional about that! The program was powerful... others in my life have noticed the change!”

Senior Female IT Leader – Medtronic


Shift Forward

Join us for an intentional journey to uncover, explore and translate insights into effectively navigating transition of any type.  This 10-day program takes place on the El Camino Trail in Spain.  


Accelerating Focus

Join us at Stout's Island, WI, in an experiential coaching program that enables each individual to walk away with a real, meaningful and actionable personal business plan. 


In Her Element is a transformative development program for women that combines mindfulness and neuroscience with 1:1 coaching and a supportive group. Gain insight and confidence to be your best self.

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Top 5

of women lack the confidence to pursue a job opportunity beyond their experience

feel that they aren't achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities

benefits of exploring and learning outside of your day-to-day environment:

  1. Exponential focus (fewer distractions)

  2. Increase in creativity and exploration

  3. Stronger personal relationships

  4. Increased adaptability

  5. Improved ability to work


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