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Unlock capacity and collaboration
in your senior leaders and teams.




In Our Element is a breakthrough development program for senior teams that combines neuroscience, critical path mapping and 1:1 coaching to create unprecedented momentum and effectiveness.

This unique cohort program builds leadership capacity and drives performance individually and collectively over the course of 6 - 9 months:

  • Peer, individual and leader pre-interviews that identify areas of focus.

  • Group practicum sessions lay the program foundation.

  •  1:1 coaching increases engagement, accountability and growth.


This intensive, immersive program is specifically designed for senior and executive-level leadership teams, as well as cross-functional teams tasked to deliver on mission-critical projects or priorities.


In Our Element is the high-impact answer to many common organizational and talent challenges:

  • Creating trust and alignment in a new or evolving leadership team.

  • Transforming high-performing individuals into a cohesive, collaborative group.

  • Driving individual and collective efforts toward a critical milestone or goal.

  • Removing barriers and jumpstarting traction in high-stakes project teams.

  • Creating individual ownership and accountability for shared outcomes.


Share your challenges and we can help you design a program to achieve and exceed your specific organizational objectives. Let us help you unleash the potential of your leaders and teams with a custom experience designed with your goals and ROI in mind.

“This is life-changing stuff. It literally changes the way people do life and do leadership.”

“This program exceeded all my expectations. Yes, it was a significant investment of money and people’s time, but it was so worth it.”

“Working on different continents in business, we now understand each other and how we each show up and contribute as a global leadership team.”


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