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You're in transition and need help. Who do you turn to?

A big consulting firm that may bring (or charge) more than is needed? Or be less than flexible?

A solo advisor who may not have the capacity to wrangle the complexity or take the work to scale?

How can you trust that you’re going to get the insanely practical tools and solutions you really need?


We make org change sustainable

Org Change


Our brains are designed to resist change. Yet our businesses require it— especially in today’s transition-ridden environment.


of change efforts fail, and here’s why:

TDE brings a unique POV and skill set to solve complex organizational and business challenges.

Leadership for Growth


Signature Programs
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Organizational Development

We measurably improve effectiveness and performance in your organization through a coaching approach that builds individual and interpersonal awareness and aligns heart and head.

Change Management

We dive directly into cultural dynamics and the determinants of personal and group behavior to optimize the outcome of high-stakes events like restructurings, mergers and acquisitions.

  • We focus on practical actions that have quick and meaningful impact, then build and expand from there.

  • We can execute and drive change at scale, yet have a very human, down-to-earth way of doing it.

  • We’re flexible, nimble and committed to forging partnerships—and genuinely invested in your success.

“TDE came in and translated chaos into a clear vision that felt attainable for everyone in the organization. Using their own executive experience plus solid change practices and coaching, they created impact across the entire company. There is no way I would have been able to move us where we needed to go without them by my side.”

Executive Leader, The Imagine Group

Why TDE?

  • Strategy definition and alignment

  • Organization design

  • Communication strategy development and roll-out

  • Change assessment

  • OCM planning, development, implementation

  • Talent assessment and development planning

  • Reward and recognition planning, refinement and implementation

  • Process optimization

  • Value-chain analysis and optimization

The bottom line:  While we are well-versed in the typical OD/CM projects and programs, we never come in with a pre-packaged solution. Instead, we bring a coaching approach to dig into your very specific needs, conditions and desired outcomes and devise appropriate strategies and doable plans to achieve meaningful-to-you results.

The bottom line:  Too many consulting firms spend your time and money producing more documents and analysis than is needed. As former executives, we’re more focused on outcomes than process and paper.

  • Endless expensive assessments, research and reports

  • Dense slide decks that drown you in details and data

  • Overwhelming project plans and vast strategy binders


“Other consultants didn’t have the bandwidth and the expertise we wanted. TDE brought a solid combination of project management and a team who could manage the change.”

Executive Leader

“We had a change cycle in place and a process to follow, but we needed someone to put a people-first lens on it and pull everything together. TDE did exactly that.”

Senior Executive, BCBS of Kansas City

More capable than a solo specialist. More flexible than a big firm.

Our sweet spot is serving departments and divisions of large corporations and small to mid-sized businesses who want a thoughtful, right-sized approach that aligns with their goals, timeframe and resources.  We’re known for starting small and simple—with actions that have a quick yet significant impact—while we assess and address the broader needs.  Projects can be done on a fixed bid and/or hourly basis.

We play nicely with proven change frameworks.

At TDE we take engagement and performance to the next level by incorporating brain-based coaching into other models and systems—always focused on the end result versus simply implementing a new process or framework.  Our approach integrates well with:


  • Bridges Transition Model

  • Lewin

  • McKinsey 7-S

  • The Kübler-Ross Model

  • Satir Change Model


Get it right the first time.

At TDE we work with and around the brain to make sustainable change. Our pragmatic approach creates clarity, stability and results.

We’d love to hear your organizational challenges and aspirations—where you’re excelling and where you’re getting stuck.

Bring us your stickiest issue and we’ll give you a complimentary 45-minute Insight Session with some fresh takes and disruptive perspectives.

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