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UNBOX is a breakthrough approach to individual and team growth.

UNBOX is a new way to ignite potential. In You. In Your Team. From the moment you discover the UNBOX on your doorstep, a new journey is opened. It is a combination of skill development, team building, and recognition all in one package. Get ready to UNBOX potential!


Practical, cost affordable, fun development option

  • Invests in and strengthens your virtual team while building skills and camaraderie 

  • Transforms and increases brain capacity with a fun, practical approach 

  • Fosters a sense of belonging 


Leaders craving new options to:

  • Develop skills when budgets are tight

  • Recognize employees while cultivating meaningful individual and team growth

  • Provide practical and fun team development that does not require days away from the office

Each UNBOX includes an item from each of these four elements:

  • FUN:
    Joy and laughter is a necessity for a healthy brain and body. It’s as important as food and nutrition.

    Selected based upon theme, whether they are in our community or yours. A simple way to continue giving back.

    Deepening awareness, expanding learning, and applying through practical exercises.

    Fostering connection, encouraging a sense of belonging and reassurance fight the devastation of isolation. We are better together. Each participant will be part of a group coaching cohort and virtual gatherings with like-minded people.

UNBOX is a virtual 3-part series experience:

  • Every 3-4 weeks participants will receive an UNBOX at their door (3 UNBOXes total for series)based on the series you select

  • Focused on igniting potential, each UNBOX contains brain-centered tools and activities along with items from our 4 core elements

  • “Unpack” contents with a discussion-based group coaching session approximately two weeks after each box is shipped. 

Currently available series...

  • Series 1 - Creating Certainty from Uncertainty
    3 part series exploring why our brains create normal and how to create our own new normal



  • Series 2 - 3 Cs in Conversation
    Transforming communication to conversation for true connection to elevate results, create new solutions, and increase brain capacity through Context, Curiosity and Co-Creation!

Flexible plan options to fit your needs:

Order yours today!

Enterprise plan

  • 15 or more

  • Series 1, 2, or Custom

  • Offered year-round

  • Monthly subscription option available

  • Bulk discount pricing

The Enterprise plan is offered year-round in either Series 1, Series 2, or Custom. Please contact us for a quote!

Individual plan

  • 1 - 4 people

  • Series 2 only

  • Offered 4 times/year

  • Fixed dates

The Individual plan is a fixed date, open enrollment model. Only Series 2 is offered at the Individual plan level. 

Teams plan

  • 5 - 14 people

  • Series 1 or 2

  • Offered year-round

  • Monthly subscription option available

With the Teams plan, you can offer either Series 1 or Series 2 year-round (based on date of the team).


Purchase Orders accepted! contact us

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