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It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in.
Most business issues boil down to people.

The Disruptive Element is a leadership performance company that helps businesses identify and ignite potential in their people.

Our progressive methodology aligns personal transformation with business priorities — deepening engagement, unleashing performance, and creating the kind of culture and company you truly want.

The future of work is here.
And it's getting personal.

Our breakthrough approach combines empathy and neuroscience to connect people’s behavior, brains and hearts to deeply engrain change.

Deep understanding of brain science and human behavior

“I felt like life was passing me by, I wasn’t engaged in my job and I felt stuck... the coaching helped me mentally and I am much more intentional now. I am a better leader and more important…a better person..”

Senior Leader

Bremer Bank


Coaching approach that
meets people where they are

Consultants bring answers and expertise that tends to go away when they do.  As coaches, we help our clients see it, get it and do it themselves—so the benefits and effects are enduring.

“The Disruptive Element helped me became a stronger professional–it helped build my confidence, and in turn, enabled me to make better decisions."


IT Leader

Discover the secret to sustainable change.


Real-world practicality and perspective

We help businesses identify and invest in high-impact individuals and teams that have critical roles, significant influence and untapped capacity to drive exponential growth.


Help your women leaders ignite and live their potential

In HER Element is a transformative leadership program that inspires women leaders to ignite and live their potential. Its unique combination of one-on-one coaching, brain science, mindfulness and community creates accelerated performance, renewed confidence, clarity of self and purpose and strengthened voice.

Watch our Brains in Business series for insights and advice on how you can apply brain science in your workplace.

We believe brain sciences helps solve business problems.

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It’s time to get disruptive.

Whether you’re struggling with persistent issues or ready to go from good to great, it pays to strategically invest in yourself and your talent. Let The Disruptive Element help you see — and act on — the next right step.


We use human-centered insights and strategies to solve complex organizational and business challenges. We help you align performance with clear company goals to unleash tremendous energy, potential and value.


We bring a laser focus on human behavior, group dynamics and the make-or-break influence of our amazing brains. Our master coaches have a been-there-done-that perspective to ensure shifts. 


Millennials. Perennials. Emerging women leaders. Our game-changing cohort programs are a powerful way to unleash individual capacity in a transformative and supportive group experience.


Sometimes a change of scenery can be the best way to uncover insights and spark unprecedented growth. 

Our journeys  take us from islands in the U.S. to the jungles of Ecuador or to hike the El Camino trail in Spain! These meaningful experiences have transformative impact.

We're going places. Literally!