Development That Counts

Tired of spending time and money on training that does not yield the results in performance you need?  Stretched too thin to appropriately deal with what is really getting in the way of advancing core leadership skills? Need scalable help that is cost affordable?  Then Leadership Labs are your solution!

 Use Brain Science to learn and apply leadership skills

  • Elevate leadership competencies with a practical, hands-on environment for testing and applying new skills

  • Configurable lab sessions equipping and advancing leadership competencies (i.e. performance management, effective communication, relationship management)

  • Labs can be stand-alone or combined to make a series

  • Labs have a maximum of 12 participants for deeper connections and real-world application

  • Run by executive coaches with leadership experience

Because nobody teaches this stuff

  • Accelerate skills that would otherwise take years to develop (if at all!)

    • Deeper connection to topics by uncovering and resolving what is really getting in the way

    • Discuss the ‘undiscussables’ in a safe environment

  • Increase confidence and ability in your leaders

  • Produce generative results by leaders setting the standard for acceptable behaviors

Leaders or Individual contributors needing/seeking:

  • Increased ability with leadership competencies

  • New approach to dive deeper and ‘crack the nut’ on why they might be stuck

  • Foundational skills in leadership if newly promoted

  • Intermediate or advanced skills for increased responsibilities

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Safety goggles optional

Ready to give your leaders/employees an environmentto learn and grow in a safe lab environment?

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