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My Stay at Home ABC’s

A is for a word I probably shouldn’t put in a blog, referring to many people I have to zoom with who are behaving badly.

B is for a word that rhymes with witch, which is how I behave when fear creeps in, silently and insidiously taking over my body, and forcing unrecognizable sentences out of my mouth.

C is for cat.  Because C is always for cat.

D is for Donna—because this is Donna’s blog post.

E is for essential—thankful for cherishing all the things that truly are!

F is for another word I shouldn’t say in a blog that come out of the B woman’s mouth when she is afraid or frustrated—but since I am alone in my office forever (another great “f” word), no one will hear me anyway.  

G is for good, which is the answer to the question everyone keeps asking: “So, how are you doing?” when I don’t really want to answer.

H is for hilarious humor—a resource that is super helpful (another “h” word) when an extrovert is caged in a small space for an extended period of time.  It could also be for “hold”, another place I spend lots of time, especially with respect to technology issues.  It could also be for “home schooling,” a new challenge for many.

I is for introvert.  I live with one I get to observe in his natural habitat.  He seems relatively unruffled by this whole stay at home thing.  I wish that were true for me. And also internet bandwidth—don’t you wish you had more?

J is for jam.  I’ve made strawberry rhubarb to go with the bread I would make if I could find any yeast.  People, what is with the run on yeast?  Is EVERYBODY making bread or is it some kind of roll fetish?

is for kaleidoscope and kids.  The world is spinning and dynamic, and like a kaleidoscope, changes by the minute these days.  And kids?  My mother would remind me kids are baby goats—they also seem to be in our offices frequently these days.

L is for love.  My friends tell me L is for liquor stores, which they are glad are “essential.” It’s also for my partner Laura (whom I love).

M is for mothers.  Oh my goodness, bless you all in this time where mothering has taken on so many new dimensions.  And of course, masks.

N is for Netflix.  Period.

O is for origami.  It’s one of the things on my list to try when we get bored enough with Netflix.

P is for my Partner Paula.  I love her too, but love doesn’t start with P.

Q is for Queue—another place I send lots of time these days (see H for Hold).   The other day in a Microsoft support chat room I was number 784 and to get chat support took more than an hour.  It’s also for Queen, one of whom just had a 94th birthday.  It is not for quarantine….

R is for recipes!  It’s been super fun to try new things (like flop-overs, popovers that don’t pop) and restaurants and RESILIENCE.

S is for someday, a word that gives me hope and keeps me looking forward. And, streaming services :)

T is for THE DISRUPTIVE ELEMENT or TDE and the word ‘Thankful” and “to go.” And maybe testing.  Someday.

U is for usual.  Our usual has become unusual.

V is for vaccine.  Won’t it be great when we finally have it?

X is for X-box, a time passing toy treasured by many. 

Y is for yelling and also “yup” which is the answer to the question, are you working on your blogs?

Z is for zoom, which I love and hate at the same time.

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