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My Stay at Home ABC’s

A is for a word I probably shouldn’t put in a blog, referring to many people I have to zoom with who are behaving badly.

B is for a word that rhymes with witch, which is how I behave when fear creeps in, silently and insidiously taking over my body, and forcing unrecognizable sentences out of my mouth.

C is for cat.  Because C is always for cat.

D is for Donna—because this is Donna’s blog post.

E is for essential—thankful for cherishing all the things that truly are!

F is for another word I shouldn’t say in a blog that come out of the B woman’s mouth when she is afraid or frustrated—but since I am alone in my office forever (another great “f” word), no one will hear me anyway.  

G is for good, which is the answer to the question everyone keeps asking: “So, how are you doing?” when I don’t really want to answer.

H is for hilarious humor—a resource that is super helpful (another “h” word) when an extrovert is caged in a small space for an extended period of time.  It could also be for “hold”, another place I spend lots of time, especially with respect to technology issues.  It could also be for “home schooling,” a new challenge for many.

I is for introvert.  I live with one I get to observe in his natural habitat.  He seems relatively unruffled by this whole stay at home thing.  I wish that were true for me. And also internet bandwidth—don’t you wish you had more?

J is for jam.  I’ve made strawberry rhubarb to go with the bread I would make if I could find any yeast.  People, what is with the run on yeast?  Is EVERYBODY making bread or is it some kind of roll fetish?

K  is for kaleidoscope and kids.  The world is spinning and dynamic, and like a kaleidoscope, changes by the minute these days.  And kids?  My mother would remind me kids are baby goats—they also seem to be in our offices frequently these days.

L is for love.  My friends tell me L is for liquor stores, which they are glad are “essential.” It’s also for my partner Laura (whom I love).

M is for mothers.  Oh my goodness, bless you all in this time where mothering has taken on so many new dimensions.  And of course, masks.

N is for Netflix.  Period.

O is for origami.  It’s one of the things on my list to try when we get bored enough with Netflix.

P is for my Partner Paula.  I love her too, but love doesn’t start with P.

Q is for Queue—another place I send lots of time these days (see H for Hold).   The other day in a Microsoft support chat room I was number 784 and to get chat support took more than an hour.  It’s also for Queen, one of whom just had a 94th birthday.  It is not for quarantine….

R is for recipes!  It’s been super fun to try new things (like flop-overs, popovers that don’t pop) and restaurants and RESILIENCE.

S is for someday, a word that gives me hope and keeps me looking forward. And, streaming services :)

T is for THE DISRUPTIVE ELEMENT or TDE and the word ‘Thankful” and “to go.” And maybe testing.  Someday.

U is for usual.  Our usual has become unusual.

V is for vaccine.  Won’t it be great when we finally have it?

X is for X-box, a time passing toy treasured by many. 

Y is for yelling and also “yup” which is the answer to the question, are you working on your blogs?

Z is for zoom, which I love and hate at the same time.


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