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The POWER 10 Program drives focus, efficiency, commitment, and sustainable momentum with the guidance of a coach (coxswain) for existing projects.





We all know projects are complex:  Various deliverables, interconnected tasks, teams coming together who don't understand each other's functions or working worlds, timeline pressures and competing priorities.  

A Power Ten is an all-out effort in a rowing race where every stroke counts. In reality, it’s hard to maintain 100% effort for the entire race. The coxswain reminds the crew what is needed to get the team across the finish line first and with energy.​

In a business environment, Power 10 breaks down complexity by:

  • Providing structure and discipline

  • Establishing clarity on roles and responsibilities, getting the right people on the team to lead and contribute to the project

  • Developing individuals through 1:1 executive coaching 

  • Creating an atmosphere for teams to bond, resolve conflict, learn interconnectedness of roles and appreciate the power of teamwork 

“Several of us were hesitant/resistant at first because of the 'flavor of the month' change efforts. Within 1 month, we were able to see that this really puts us in the drivers seat for change.”


Who Needs Power 10

  • New leaders looking to establish, engage and build healthy teams 

  • Teams re-engaging in the "new working environment" - whether transitioning from virtual to face to face or simply still trying to be effective in a virtual environment

  • Teams needing to complete a specific set of objectives by year-end and struggle with focus, discipline or structure

  • Teams with a history of tension 

  • Leaders looking to develop individuals and build teams while also meeting objectives and project deliverables 

Watch Melissa's Story


  • Group sessions are led by an executive coach with business experience to help facilitate real results and coaching accountability

  • Each participant is provided with 2 individual coaching sessions to help increase connection between personal thoughts and actions to sustainable results

Making it Real

  • Identifying meaningful work (specific project/challenge with measurable results and timeline) prior to kick-off of POWER 10 Group

  • Framework used to create a new, practical approach to increase accountability and drive change

  • Brain Science incorporated throughout for deeper, personal connections to individual actions and results


  • ​Project/ Challenge is successfully met on time with an engaged and energized team

  • Brings teams closer together - especially new teams or those who typically work in silo's

  • Develops individuals to work more independently and raises accountability overall

  • Leadership empowerment and enablement increased

  • Provides leader with clarity on individuals strengths and opportunities  

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