The POWER 10 Program drives focus, efficiency, commitment, and sustainable momentum with the guidance of a coach (coxswain) for short-term projects/efforts - especially in times of change or when results are not being met and something different is needed.

The Power 10 Program is designed to help your teams with change by giving them real work with a practical, team-focused approach that opens up new conversations, new solutions, and new levels of accountability.

A Power Ten is an all-out effort in a race where every stroke counts. In reality, it’s hard to maintain 100% effort for the entire race. The coxswain reminds the crew:


  • To row in unison. Variations in the stroke disrupt the boat and thus the speed

  • To mentally commit and to keep focus

  • To pull hard when they’ve become tired

  • To move to gain and pass a competitor



Form Learning Communities focused on addressing current challenges

  • Define and power towards specific 90-day goal (existing work not additive)

  • Selection process to identify right candidates with right coaches (6-10 participants on a team)

  • POWER 10 team formed and works with coach to meet goal more effectively, efficiently, and with higher trust

  • Focus: project/challenge, supporting each other, accountability, results, and new level of conversation


  • Each group session is led by an executive coach with business experience to help facilitate real results and coaching accountability

  • Each participant is provided with 2 individual coaching sessions to help increase connection between personal thoughts and actions to sustainable results

Making it Real

  • Identifying meaningful work (specific project/challenge with measurable results and timeline) prior to kick-off of POWER 10 Group

  • Framework used to create a new, practical approach to increase accountability and drive change

  • Brain Science incorporated throughout for deeper, personal connections to individual actions and results


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