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Break out of your comfort zone. Unplug and be renewed!

Be in the moment. 


Sometimes you need to truly get out of your element in order to unplug and focus. Our Destination Element programs do just that…

Destination Element programs are unique and designed with a specific purpose.
Locations are chosen to allow participants to be
in the moment in an area that helps further the connections and integration of the key goals of the program.

Past DESTINATIONS and specific focus ELEMENTS have taken us as far away as Ecuador to Optimize Individual Performance  and Spain to Shift our Mindset Forward!

And recently our focus was Emergence to deepen self-awareness at a renowned culinary vacation destination!

We’ve retreated to a private island in Wisconsin to Accelerate Focus - creating personal, actionable, business plans.

Would your team's growth be a game-changing investment?
Would your team benefit from a focused development experience?

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Destination Element programs are not a vacations, however, you will feel energized and refreshed after your return!

  • Practical, relevant, and engaging

  • Conducted in amazing locations with extraordinary lodging and food

  • Inclusive of ‘signature events’ developed specifically for our programs that integrate local culture with a truly one-of-a-kind experience

  • Led by former executives and executive coaches that really understand the need to disconnect and ensure time away is meaningful

  • Enabling of personal and professional growth in a small group setting

TDE Elements.png


  • Signature events throughout the program to integrate insights leveraging the amazing environment around us

  • All supplies needed for sessions and activities

  • Focus on individual goals and results related to cognitive balance–this is a completely individualized program in a group setting

    • Integration of a real problem or focus area for practical application

  • Integrated Group sessions built on a core of research and established frameworks to:

    • Establish daily focus and where each day builds upon the last

    • Increase understanding of why new behaviors and activities need to be intentional and evolutionary using brain science

    • Share insights for further exploration, insights and support

  • Daily individual coaching sessions to help make further connections and progress toward desired results



Programs for individuals and organizations/teams needing a customized and impactful experience just for them.


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