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Whether you’re trying to fix an issue or get to the next level

We unleash human performance for business impact

The Disruptive Element is a leadership performance company. We are coaches, consultants and executives who bring a been-there-done-that perspective to the most pernicious and persistent business challenges. We have a deep understanding of how businesses operate at the individual, team, department and enterprise levels—and a people-centered process and approach that bridges them all.  As former C-level leaders ourselves, we are pragmatic and focused on relevant solutions that generate real impact and ROI.

Real innovation and change requires a new level of engagement

As business evolves at breakneck speed, the rigid roles and hierarchies are breaking down. Emerging opportunities (and threats) require continuous adaptation and innovation—which demand a new level of flexibility and resilience in employees. Developing and retaining leaders who have what it takes requires a new “whole-person” approach that builds human capacity, not just job skills.


The Disruptive Element is pioneering the space where human potential and business benefit intersect. Our transformative whole-person approach brings engagement, alignment and measurable organizational impact.

Our sweet spot:  A place where untapped value resides.

Who we are and what we do

We are talent whisperers.

Savvy companies want to cultivate leadership skills AND increase wellbeing in their top talent.  The Disruptive Element has cracked the code.

We convert potential to impact.

We help businesses identify and invest in high-impact individuals and teams that have critical roles, significant influence and untapped capacity to drive exponential growth.

We engage the whole person.

Our breakthrough approach combines empathy and neuroscience to connect people’s behavior, brains and hearts to create sustainable change. 

What it's like to work with TDE

Your time and money is precious and finite.  So is ours.  So we’re judicious about resources and we deliver quick impact and outstanding value.  Our services and programs are priced to be accessible—and they are anything but standard. No two engagements are the same because no two people or groups are the same.

We are coaches first and always

As professional coaches, our job is to help leaders uncover the answers to the questions that keep them up at night:  How do I move my team forward?  Why don’t I get promoted?  Why can’t we get the results we want, even with all this effort?  We help our clients see with fresh eyes, uncover the thinking that drives their behavior, and choose more productive actions and paths.  Everything we do is based on solid research and proven frameworks.

We don't hide behind PowerPoints

Too often, presentations are a way to control situations and conversations—or deliver a prepackaged, prescriptive solution.  Efficient perhaps, but that’s not our style.  We show up with a plan AND an openness to addressing whatever is happening in the organization and in the room at that moment.  We are fully present and we really listen.

We think it’s all in your head.

Our model revolves around a nucleus of neuroscience—because change is an inside job.  And leaders and employees (who are humans, after all) frequently get stuck in their patterns and heads. We believe that a higher level of self-awareness is required to facilitate change, and that brain science gives us new tools to transform.

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