Recharging your team is needed more than ever. REFUEL! for teams makes that happen.

Employees and leaders are being asked to do more with less.  Over time, resources begin losing engagement and energy towards their work.


Leaders, are you looking for a better way to support your team and raise energy in these difficult times?  REFUEL! for teams helps bring the team together in a new way and collaboratively builds individual and group energy!

"On average, 35% of the US workforce is now working from home (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) and 77% of the total workforce is experiencing burnout!" (Deloitte)

 Work together as a team to REFUEL energy levels

  • Collaborate to uncover our individual ‘fuel tanks’

  • Share sources of energy for insights and what is needed going forward

  • Gather as a team for two 2-hour sessions

  • Integrate with individual 1:1 coaching session

  • Participate virtually from anywhere in the world!

Brains need fuel!

  • Loss of fuel = loss of motivation, innovation, problem solving, happiness

  • Greater individual happiness leads to greater team happiness

  • Raise teams’ organic ability to support each other

  • Provide leaders/teams with ongoing tools to weather highs and lows

  • Have fun in the process!

Any intact team or group of individuals needing REFUELing:

  • Any size team/group can participate

  • Group sessions limited to 10 individuals

  • Multiple sessions can run concurrently

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  • Intact teams

  • Project or cross-functional teams

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