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What We Do

We make change sustainable by focusing on the people aspect of your business.  We specialize in helping individuals, groups, teams, and organizations with change, growth, and ultimately getting the results you desire. We have created a proven approach for all of our services that is uniquely tailored to provide more relevant, applicable, and sustainable results…for each individual!

We Disrupt your current reality, helping you integrate new insights into new outcomes, thereby getting you into your Element.

We make it understandable.
We make it real.
We make it applicable.
We make it relevant to YOU!


Coaching element

Individual, group, and team coaching

Our coaching is founded on the International Coaching Federation best practices and participants are able to quickly gain valuable insights and critical information on obtaining more desired results and having those results be sustainable.  Size, length, and desired outcomes configurable by client/need.

transformation element

leadership/Personal development programs

Our development programs focus on helping each individual grow and develop in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them...even in a group setting!  This is our differentiator.  This is not training, but rather an integrated blend of group and individual sessions to uncover critical insights that can be translated into new actions.  Guidance and assistance for learning new skills is then applied to real life scenarios.

keystone element

organization development and design

Our Organization Development (OD) services put an emphasis on how individuals, teams and organizations function and interact to accomplish their goals. TDE OD Services gain insights through our proven framework including the integration of our leadership experience and coaching backgrounds.  Our number one goal is to help you understand, assess, and realize what is needed to take that next step for change. 

Our Philosophy

We operate and coach using our shared belief that connecting thoughts with actions allows our clients to realize their professional success. We firmly believe that when making the conscious connection between thoughts and actions, professional success is achieved because people then:

  • Are more self-aware

  • Have more choices

  • Focus on the right growth areas

  • ...And get desired results!

We help our client uncover the thinking that drives their behavior that either supports or undermines their ability to succeed.  We help you make that distinction and tip the scales toward supporting your success.

key partners

These partners are an integral part of our practice and we value our relationship with them:



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