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Creating Community Through Advocacy: Adela's Story

Adela is one of those unique individuals who leaves her mark long after the interaction ends. Her passion and enthusiasm for serving her community, and now the state of Illinois, surely will inspire you to think about the impact you can make within your community.


At the tender of five, Adela began her journey in community advocacy as the family interpreter, often tasked with translating the needs of her family. As she continued to grow, so did her passion to support her community, influencing her decision to become a legal aid lawyer.


For more than  20 years, Adela has advocated for the needs of families at the local level, helping numerous families receive the assistance and benefits they both need and deserve. Recently promoted to a senior leadership position, Adela's impact extends to the state level, inspiring and training many other advocates in communities across Illinois. .

We recently caught up with Adela, who started her IHE experience in September, to learn more about why she applied for our IHE scholarship program and what her experience has been like thus far.


Adela, what drove you to apply for our IHE scholarship?

I was searching for a new and more expansive definition of leadership. As a leader, I've found myself taking on more workload and responsibility, at times feeling overwhelmed and unsupported. I desired to find a program that specifically addressed the unique challenges of female leaders, and I wanted to do that in a community of other women.


What made you choose IHE over other leadership development programs?

IHE was the only leadership program I found designed by women to support the needs of female leaders based on brain science. I had a strong desire to learn how other women are navigating their lives, and careers, and reaching their personal goals without sacrificing parts of themselves to do so. The open cohort option is the right program model for me.


What are you hoping to gain most out of this experience?

I really want to gain a new perspective by connecting with women in different industries. We all have unique perspectives based on our personal and professional journeys, and I look forward to learning more from my fellow cohort members. This wouldn't be possible if it was a localized training program.


Have you noticed any shifts within yourself since completing our first practicum?

I'm more reflective and self-aware than before starting IHE. I'm starting to see the shift to thinking more long-term versus focusing on the pressing issues I encounter day to day.


Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

If I could speak to my younger self and give her one piece of advice, it'd be that your career won't be a straight path, and that's okay. In IHE, we talk about the journey, and how it's more like a winding road rather than a straight line. Sometimes life causes us to take breaks or move in a different direction, so stay open to how your own journey unfolds.



About In HER Element

In HER Element is a transformative leadership program that inspires women leaders to ignite and live their potential. Our unique program combines neuroscience and mindfulness with coaching and community to foster real change in all aspects of work and life.

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